you’re the only love I found and I’m hoping that you’ll stay
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At last 🙌
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@aalma2 stopped by the office today and dropped off the Giant of all giants. Thank you for this, Aileen! 😍 (at THE ENGINE IS RED)
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James Dean, 1955
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Celebrating the release of Little Machines by Lights 😍 #littlemachines #lights #design #typography
Drew this up a couple weeks ago as pen practice when the song initially dropped.

#Booty #JLo #iggyazalea #brushpen #tombow #lettering

I don’t understand these girls who judge others by the size of the hair or the level of femininity. We must be more than just appearance.”

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What a lil stunner. Fresh from the groomer’s. 😍🐯
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Opaque  by  andbamnan