Young Hollywood is a splendid new body of work by portrait photographer and stylist Claiborne Swanson Frank and comes on the heels of her first Assouline book, ‘American Beauty’. Swanson Frank photographed sixty of the hottest up-and-coming women in the entertainment industry today—actresses, directors, stylists, and more, from Isabel Lucas and Elisabeth Moss to Mickey Sumner and Amber Heard—drawing inspiration from old Hollywood. Brimming with gorgeous portraits, alongside short texts in the women’s voices, and a foreword by Michael Kors, this beautiful volume captures the essence of what it means to be a starlet in modern-day Hollywood.

On my coffee table, please
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A million little wishes float across the sky/ But it’s a waste of breath and it’s a waste of time I know

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ugh I can’t
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We were so young then. I wish I had known better.
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"I was really trying to capture—it sounds kind of grandiose or something—just the way time unfolds in our lives, or the way we go through maturing. Something as simple as that."
Interview: Richard Linklater talks ‘Boyhood’
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